Planning a trip to Japan and wondering what to eat in Japan? There is so much more to Japanese cuisine than just sushi and ramen! Here are 15 foods you must try when visiting Japan. And yes, you will have no trouble finding vegetarian food in Japan.

Japan has amazing Michelin star restaurants, street food and everything in between. You easily could spend months visiting Japan to try all the different regional dishes. One of the best food experiences in Japan is enjoying a warm bowl of matcha green tea with a Japanese wagashi, hand-made from mochi and fruits and…

Since the 18th century, the Douro Valley is known for its port wine and wine terraces. Its namesake river makes a 200-kilometer journey to the Atlantic Ocean from Spain to northern Portugal through terraced valleys of vineyards, groves of orange and olive trees. We spend a few days in Porto last December and went on a scenic drive to the Douro River Valley listed as one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

Through the centuries, row upon row of terraces have been built on the hills of the Douro Valley according to different techniques and require continuous maintenance…

Priya Vin

Family travel writer & photographer who writes about adventures outside the ‘burbs & other experiential luxury family travel.

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